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This site is a showcase for potential publishers and interested individuals.

I write science fiction with a historical edge, set in epic, well-developed worlds. My work is connected thematically by the genre of far future human civilization.

The short stories posted here are stand-alones in a shared universe.

“Pax Humana” sample chapters are from my primary novel-in-progress. In it, humans discover intelligent life on an exoplanet. However, it is basically a bronze-age level civilization. So, when we go there to make contact, we are the advanced aliens. They worship us as gods according to their mythology.  Some of the emissaries sent to represent the human race start to go mad with power, seeing an easy path to world domination on a primitive alien planet, far from home, possessed of superior scientific knowledge and technology.  The chapters posted here are from the second part of the book; after humans have colonized the planet, established a dynasty of god kings that has lasted for thousands of years, and, by declining generations, let the world slip back into barbarity. 

“Aegis” is set twenty thousand years in the future, when humans have colonized the galaxy. Along the way, we’ve encountered, made war and eventually peace with over one million species of aliens. This relationship is held together by a vast governmental system of diplomacy and trade called “The Aegis.” In Book One, the Prime Consul is betrayed by his Proconsul, and flees into exile, accompanied by his loyal bodyguard. They need to deliver a critical message to members of the opposing faction, to prevent an intergalactic war. On an uninhabited planet they meet Niro Hywari, a worker for Interplanetary Development Corporation, who was sold into indentured servitude to cover up the murder of his family by Aegis soldiers. He hides them with his cover and helps them navigate through the back roads of interstellar transport. We are given a view of a galactic civilization, seen through the eyes of political fugitives.

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